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Transvantage: Write and critique short fiction.
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Many writing communities fail colossally because of no prompts, no critique, and no writing. But Transvantage is determined to make a difference in people’s lives—if they’re so willing, of course.

Transvantage is a community for writers who are serious about their craft—serious enough to practice it. We write and critique original prose, with literary fiction as the foremost genre. Activities are centered on writing projects and critique accomplished within small groups. Before you think about joining, though, here are the basics:

- age 16 and above
- a good grasp of the English language
- a Livejournal account
- integrity and the desire for improvement at writing prose
- 3,000 to 5,000 words of prose every 16 to 21 weeks
- a maximum of 5 critiques for others’ works every 4 to 7 weeks
- adherence to the rules
* although extreme sex or violence is not allowed, prose will generally cater to an adult audience.

- progress as a writer
- a community you can depend on
- a guarantee of at least 3 critiques per submitted work
- the chance to challenge members with required writing
- the chance to challenge members with optional writing

The Constitution
Please read this page before you decide to join the community. For a quick overview of the Constitution, click here.

How to Join

First, send an email to transvantage@gmail.com. Follow this format.

Have you read and understood the Constitution?:
Email address:
Livejournal username:
Gender (optional):
Are you willing and able to be a moderator?
Promise of participation:
Promise of integrity:
Any questions or comments?:

- Note that if you are willing and able to be a moderator, that doesn’t necessarily mean you will be given the position. But the maintainer will be very grateful for your volunteering, and if you are given the position, you may forfeit it if necessary without affecting your membership.
- A profile is a brief description (about 200 words) of yourself that may or may not include things that have to do with writing.
- The promise of participation should be formal and specific, stating that you will follow all the rules and participate in the required activities.
- The promise of integrity should be formal and specific, stating that you will not plagiarize in any way whatsoever.

Then, make sure you're logged into your LJ account, and click here to join the community through LJ.

Applicants who fail to send an email, fail to join through LJ, or send in an incomplete application will be ignored.

Getting In
The maintainer will email you within two weeks as to the status of your application. Once accepted, your projects will be counted starting from the first proposal after you join, but you are allowed to do the previous one if you can meet its deadline.

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