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9th-Nov-2006 01:40 pm - Announcement: Second chance
Since this is our first project, and I'd really hate for this community to start off wrong, I'd like to offer another chance to safesimplelife and shatterglass to critique the following works without incurring a warning:

Project: Possession by oceanlight
Required critiquers: negativeentropy, safesimplelife, shatterglass, sigmoidal_suseq
Members who failed to critique: safesimplelife, shatterglass

Project: I Say Hello by sigmoidal_suseq
Required critiquers: negativeentropy, oceanlight, safesimplelife, shatterglass
Members who failed to critique: safesimplelife, shatterglass

Please critique by 15 November 06, and reply to this post when you have posted your critiques.

However, please remember that I will likely not be as lenient next time. Thank you!
31st-Oct-2006 12:55 pm - Project # 1 Assessment
Date of report: 31 October 2006

Project: Possession by oceanlight
Required critiquers: negativeentropy, safesimplelife, shatterglass, sigmoidal_suseq
Members who failed to critique: negativeentropy, safesimplelife, shatterglass
(*negativeentropy has informed the author that she will critique in the next three days)

Project: I Say Hello by sigmoidal_suseq
Required critiquers: negativeentropy, oceanlight, safesimplelife, shatterglass
Members who failed to critique: negativeentropy, safesimplelife, shatterglass
(*negativeentropy has informed the author that she will critique in the next three days)

Thank you kittything for critiquing both projects even if you weren’t required. :)

If a member who failed to critique critiques within a week after the date of this report, he should reply to this entry to inform the maintainer that he has accomplished the task.

If a member who failed to critique fails to critique and/or reply to this entry within a week after the date of report, that member will get an official warning.


Just to remind you guys, required community activities (writing projects, posting proposals, etc.) are temporarily halted for the whole month of November. This month will serve as either a vacation for members or an opportunity to participate in NaNoWriMo.

Have a wonderful November!
31st-Oct-2006 01:31 pm - Proof reading
jump, glee, cane

I have a proof reading exam next week, so I need all the practice I can get. So, if you would like me to proof-read your stories please e-mail them to me in a .doc or .rtf format and I would be happy to have a look at them. Good for you and great practice for me!

16th-Oct-2006 05:54 am - Project 1, I Say Hello, group 2
jump, glee, cane
I was inspired by the quote regarding Memoirs of a Geisha. I tried to focus on the small details of the characters, setting etc and in particular, my word choice. Word count is around 5400. I've formatted it in double space just because I find it easier to critique in. The story does revolve around themes involving sex, although nothing I would consider graphic.

1st-Oct-2006 06:15 pm - Introduction
audrey red
Hello people! My name is Ragna, and I'm new in Group 1. I live in Trondheim, Norway where I study comparative literature, watch too much horrible television and try to catch up on concerts. I'm 19 and pretty new to the student lifestyle, having a selection of tv-channels and being able to see music live only a bike-ride away from my house. I'm a little Alice. Once I get adjusted, I'm hoping to spend some time improving my creative writing as well - this community seemed like a great start. Every now and then I go back to my home town to work as a journalist, covering news such as flea markets and the opening or closing of shops, to pay the bills. It's not really what I'd call writing though, and my nightmare is to be stuck in that job forever. I really just want to write in a way that's more.. fun. Because words can be such wonders. I'm looking forward to this. :)
28th-Sep-2006 08:13 pm - Announcement: cassaclyzm removed
I regret to say that cassaclyzm of Group 1 has decided no longer to be a member of Transvantage because of real life obligations. See the sidebar for the new proposal posting order.
24th-Sep-2006 06:36 pm - Hi everyone! An introduction
jump, glee, cane
I'm really excited about this community, hope to see some great stuff out of group 2!

I'm from Brisbane, Australia and currently I am studying a Bachelor
of Fine Arts in creative writing, at the Queensland University of
Technology. I was born in Australia, however my parents migrated from

From an early age I would tell myself stories in the backseat of the car and
now my only child tendencies have because my neurotic writer tendencies.
Currently, I am part of a creative writing club called Vox Barbara (the
Savage Voice). Recently, I was shortlisted for the Queensland Young Writers'
Award because I wrote a racial piece.

I enjoy reading all sorts of things, including Ian McEwan, Barbara Gowdy and
anything else my friends recommend. At the moment I am discovering the
graphic novel and I am working my way through the Sandman series. I like to
procrastinate by playing online Mah Jong and minesweeper.

I have worked as a freelance corporate writer but prefer writing fiction and
creative non-fiction. Currently, I am working on a piece of creative
non-fiction, a novel about sexuality and a brochure. 

16th-Sep-2006 10:01 am - Proposal # 1: Praise
[Note: I did plan to post this after all the introductions, but I realized that if we want to finish a project period before the break in November, I should post this now.]

It is customary for a contemporary paperback to be adorned with critical quotes praising the book (or the author’s other books). It’s nice for writers to dream of someday receiving similar compliments for what they have written. It’s rarely the other way around—writing works meant to receive a desired kind of praise.

For your first challenge, I would like you to choose from a list of praise quotes I have picked about various books. Choose a quote that best describes what kind story you would like to write, and then write a story that will hopefully garner a similar praise quote.

Since the goal is not to imitate an author’s work but to come up with your own, I suggest you choose a quote about a book you haven’t read. Also remember that your work doesn’t have to perfectly fit the quote you choose. After all, most of these quotes are about novels, and you will have a rather short time to accomplish the project. Be inspired by the praise, not subdued by it.

Project # 1 is due on Sunday, 15 October 2006.
Critique for Project # 1 is due on Sunday, 29 October 2006.
In your project posts, please specify which quote you chose.

Good luck!

Arthur Golden’s Memoirs of a Geisha
A fascinating, poignant and entirely believable tale, as delicate, intricate and beautiful as the silk kimonos so central to the story.... Captivating ... lush [and] lyrical.... This is a luxurious book, every page fat with evocative, beautiful words.... If life is a simple stream, Memoirs of a Geisha is a shimmering pebble that makes the water dance. —The Toronto Sun

Mark Haddon’s The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
Haddon’s book illuminates the way one mind works so precisely, so humanely, that it reads like both an acutely observed case study and an artful exploration of a different ‘mystery’: the thoughts and feeling we share even with those very different from us. —Entertainment Weekly

Haruki Murakami’s Kafka on the Shore
I never so willingly suspend disbelief as when I enter Murakami's world. Kafka on the Shore has all the familiar elements: a shade of noir mystery, a slice of everyday Stephen King-like horror, an ill-fated love story, a fairy tale, the search for an allegorical correspondence between dream life and the real world--all of it driven by a riveting narrative . . . Murakami's whimsical, inquisitive and generous spirit encompasses all. The novel mimics the workings of memory, capacious and without hierarchy . . . He is a distinctive and influential voice in a new global literature. —Vernon Peterson, The Oregonian

Audrey Niffenegger’s The Time Traveler’s Wife
Niffenegger exploits the possibilities of her fantasy scenario with immense skill: no wonder this novel has spent weeks on the bestseller lists. This is one of those books that makes you want to eat it up from start to finish. —The Guardian

Matthew Pearl’s The Dante Club
The Dante Club is a richly detailed microcosm set generously before us. Within it, wit, erudition and a healthy respect for good old fashioned hugger-mugger conspire to produce one of this year's most agreeable entertainments.—Bruce Allen, Raleigh News & Observer

Lisa See’s Snow Flower and the Secret Fan
An engrossing and completely convincing portrayal of a woman shaped by suffering forced upon her from her earliest years, and of the friendship that helps her to survive.—Arthur Golden

Jeanette Winterson’s The World and Other Places
A reminder that Winterson is a gorgeous writer, rich, lugubrious, sudden and expansive. She can bring a railway sidings, say, or a dull front room, or a small, unexpected world, to vehement life, and it is with writing about love, as always, that she does real wonders. —Scotsman
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