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Proposal #4: Fantasy Becomes Reality 
20th-Mar-2007 11:34 pm
Almost everyone is a daydreamer, using their visions of how things should be as the template from which to begin their pursuit of happiness. Some fixate on a particular idea as something to work to achieve or to dedicate their lives to realizing, while others just revel in the flexibility of their imagination. Even those who don't act on it still imagine themselves awakening to discover a world changed exactly to their liking.

The best-laid plans still go wrong. Louis de Robien, French diplomat to Russia in 1917, relates a story of political theorists who sat in their apartments awaiting and plotting the revolution until they finally threw open their windows in glee at the first heavy bombardment of gunshots. Days later, after the country descended into chaos, these men shrank from the outdoors, lamenting to each other, "But this wasn't how it was supposed to happen!"

Whether someone catches their fantasy or just discovers themselves having fallen into it, the world inside a person's head is never quite exactly like the one just outside. Not all permutations are predictable, for better or for worse--and yet, everyone wishes for their fantasies to become reality. Grant one lucky character this universal wish.

The project is due April 28, with critiques due May 12.
21st-Mar-2007 07:23 am (UTC)
It sounds like a wonderful challenge. I can't wait till I have free time to write!
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