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Happy New Year! 
7th-Jan-2007 04:44 pm
Happy New Year! I hope you guys were able to accomplish your goals for 2006, and I’d like to wish you a successful 2007. I also hope that all of us will have time and effort to write more this year.

In terms of writing, 2006 was a pretty good year for me, especially considering that I was also very busy with the other aspects of my life. I wrote more first drafts than I did in 2005, and I learned a lot more about writing fiction, thanks to my colleagues and to some of the members of this community. :) In 2007 I hope to do more revisions and be able to submit several stories for publication. I look on writing in 2007 with hope and enthusiasm.

How about you guys? I invite you all to tell the community about your accomplishments in 2006 and your goals for 2007, whether or not they are related to writing. Also, tell us how your holidays went, what you’ve cooked up for Project # 2, or anything at all. I am hoping for this community to grow more tight-knit and, well, more alive. Some closer interaction will help us, don’t you think?

Unfortunately, the holidays were so busy for me that I never got past the outline of my Project # 2. But I can’t wait to read your works. I hope to hear from all of you soon!
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8th-Jan-2007 06:11 am (UTC)
I wish you well in all of your endeavors, and I hope you are soon able to determine what direction you want your life to go. :D I admire you so much for finishing even the first draft of a book--it's far from anything I've been able to do in terms of writing. Have fun and keep thinking positive in 2007! I'm looking forward to reading your story. :)
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