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11th-Jul-2007 11:03 pm - Project #6: Seven Deadly Sins
audrey red
Since ancient Greece, humankind has tried to pinpoint their spiritual shortcomings, calling them sins. The Christian church made its seven most serious ones famous partly through stories of the punishment they would earn the sinners.

We could write about these if we wanted to compete with Dante. But for this community, I propose a different set of sins that I hope will inspire you.

These are the seven traits most spiritually perilous to humanity as described by Mohatma Gandhi, or his Seven Deadly Sins if you want:

1 - Wealth without Work
2 - Pleasure without Conscience
3 - Science without Humanity
4 - Knowledge without Character
5 - Politics without Principle
6 - Commerce without Morality
7 - Worship without Sacrifice

I'm not necessarily asking for anything religious or spiritual; that I will leave up to you. I'm proposing that you pick a number and make this sin the challenge your character faces, the threat to your world, a serious accusation raised or some other central issue in your story.

Story due August 12. Critiques are due August 24.
jump, glee, cane
Space has often played an important part in stories. Whether the central setting, or even just the space between words and sentences and the length of those sentences and the rhythm of the tone - space continues to shape and define. Particularly within the short story space is even more important. Every word must play a duel role in developing character whilst furthering plot.

I just my proposal is to create a narrative that considers space - literally or however you choose to define it. Think about every word choice and how much every sentence adds to your story.

Story due 20th June. Critiques are due 1 July.
20th-Mar-2007 11:34 pm - Proposal #4: Fantasy Becomes Reality
Almost everyone is a daydreamer, using their visions of how things should be as the template from which to begin their pursuit of happiness. Some fixate on a particular idea as something to work to achieve or to dedicate their lives to realizing, while others just revel in the flexibility of their imagination. Even those who don't act on it still imagine themselves awakening to discover a world changed exactly to their liking.

The best-laid plans still go wrong. Louis de Robien, French diplomat to Russia in 1917, relates a story of political theorists who sat in their apartments awaiting and plotting the revolution until they finally threw open their windows in glee at the first heavy bombardment of gunshots. Days later, after the country descended into chaos, these men shrank from the outdoors, lamenting to each other, "But this wasn't how it was supposed to happen!"

Whether someone catches their fantasy or just discovers themselves having fallen into it, the world inside a person's head is never quite exactly like the one just outside. Not all permutations are predictable, for better or for worse--and yet, everyone wishes for their fantasies to become reality. Grant one lucky character this universal wish.

The project is due April 28, with critiques due May 12.
18th-Mar-2007 04:31 pm - Project # 3 Assessment
Date of report: 18 March 2007

Project: The Housekeeper by oceanlight
Required critiquers: kittything, lhazzie, negativeentropy, readerofasaph, safesimplelife, sigmoidal_suseq
Members who failed to critique: kittything, lhazzie, readerofasaph, sigmoidal_suseq

Project: Awakenings by safesimplelife
Required critiquers: kittything, lhazzie, negativeentropy, oceanlight, readerofasaph, sigmoidal_suseq
Members who failed to critique: kittything, lhazzie, readerofasaph, sigmoidal_suseq

Project: (Untitled) by lhazzie
Required critiquers: kittything, negativeentropy, oceanlight, readerofasaph, safesimplelife, sigmoidal_suseq
Members who failed to critique: kittything, readerofasaph, sigmoidal_suseq

Project: (Untitled) by negativeentropy
*Since this is a late project, no one is required to critique it.

If a member who failed to critique critiques within a week after the date of this report, he should reply to this entry to inform the maintainer that he has accomplished the task.

If a member who failed to critique fails to critique and/or reply to this entry within a week after the date of report, that member will get an official warning.
2nd-Feb-2007 07:16 pm - And then there are seven
I regret to inform all of you that due to real life obligations, two more of our members have decided to leave Transvantage. Since there are now only seven of us, we will all be part of Group 1. I know this might be a sign that this community should just be left alone, but I refuse to surrender. I admit I am too passionate about this community for my own good, and I will not give it up unless and until we have three members left (in which case I might even try to get new members again). Thank you for your continued participation, and if you could advertise this community to your friends and other groups, it would be very much appreciated!

And so we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.
29th-Jan-2007 07:47 pm - Proposal #3: Writing the Unknown
DW: doctor everything
So the first rule of writing is to write what you know.

For this proposal I want to branch out, and suggest that instead, we write about what we don't know, but would like to know...

How you would live in a parallel universe, perhaps. Or maybe if you'd chosen a different path in life, or even what life would be like if you were famous. It doesn't have to be something you'd necessarily choose to experience, but that would be interesting to know about or experience nonetheless.

If you've always had money write about being poor. Or if you were popular at school, write the story of the quiet kid in the corner.

It's simple, and kind of vague I know, but we know what we know, and sometimes it's interesting to explore what we don't...

Project #3 is due: Friday, 2nd March, 2007.
Critique for project #3: Friday 16th March 2007.
7th-Jan-2007 04:44 pm - Happy New Year!
Happy New Year! I hope you guys were able to accomplish your goals for 2006, and I’d like to wish you a successful 2007. I also hope that all of us will have time and effort to write more this year.

In terms of writing, 2006 was a pretty good year for me, especially considering that I was also very busy with the other aspects of my life. I wrote more first drafts than I did in 2005, and I learned a lot more about writing fiction, thanks to my colleagues and to some of the members of this community. :) In 2007 I hope to do more revisions and be able to submit several stories for publication. I look on writing in 2007 with hope and enthusiasm.

How about you guys? I invite you all to tell the community about your accomplishments in 2006 and your goals for 2007, whether or not they are related to writing. Also, tell us how your holidays went, what you’ve cooked up for Project # 2, or anything at all. I am hoping for this community to grow more tight-knit and, well, more alive. Some closer interaction will help us, don’t you think?

Unfortunately, the holidays were so busy for me that I never got past the outline of my Project # 2. But I can’t wait to read your works. I hope to hear from all of you soon!
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